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If you don't like what you're looking at, change the way you look at it! - My Granny 

[The matriarch of our family, she put it in me to pass on]

Hey guys, I'm Bre, an Afro-ethnic mother of one, an optimist, and all around woman of the people!  I'm the person all my friends and family come to for advice/wisdom or simply just to 'vent'. I've always wanted to help my people but didn't know where to start or even HOW little old me could help an entire race of people?! I have no overpriced degrees, formal experience, or accolades to validate my qualifications in pursuing this service-based brand, but I have something those college degrees can't offer anyone; LIFE EXPERIENCE.

Why pay a stranger who has no common ground; from the culture, to growing up oppressed with an entire system conspiring against you?? What can they tell you about your life when they've never lived through the circumstances you've suffered and PREVAILED through? Let's be honest, most therapists/shrinks/counselors etc. are white, 'middle - upper' class, with 4-8 years of debt from student loans and under immense pressure to "break even" - meaning they have to supplement their income as the bulk will go to paying off student loans, so they look for options to rake in extra money/commissions to be able to live after paying down debt. What do you think this means? Prescriptions! No real help, just quick fixes and 'universal' techniques learned in closed off settings that frown upon critical thinking and uplift memorization and regurgitation. We all know by now in this age of technology that what works for some, won't work for all! So why seek help in places with a one size fits all method/technique?


It's time to CUSTOMIZE people!!!!

So, what am I offering?

-Wisdom/ Experience
-Life Lessons/ Advice
-Coping Mechanisms that I &other's have used to deal with anxiety, stress, depression -vs- the prescription drugs and generic general techniques most practitioners force upon their patients as their 'only options'.
-A Friend/Sister/Auntie/Cousin



Recently (in the past 4-5 years) had a string of revelation style epiphanies/ visions/ dreams/ prophecies/ solutions/insights and any other synonym you can think of.  I know, I know, a lot of people are going to click off right....about.....now! Good, this brand most definitely IS NOT for the faint of heart! I'm no psychic, medium, fortune-teller, therapist, counselor, etc.  I'm simply a person who's lived a lot of life in my short time on Earth, and for as long as I could remember all I've ever wanted to do was reach out to people like me just to say, "Listen, I just want you to know, YOU'RE NOT ALONE!"

Most High knows I've spent way too many years feeling/thinking/living like I was the only person in the world lost and struggling to figure out where I 'went wrong' in life to lead me into the same bullshit situations. 

{Oh yes, I curse, the saying goes 'people who curse lack vocabulary' but if you do a little research you'll see that scientists have tested and confirm that, on average, the people who curse actually have HIGHER IQ's than those who don't.}

Then, in waves, answers started to come to me as I found myself straying from the traditional prayers of tangible success and began to pray for the growth and well-being of my soul. The expansion of my mental capabilities, the discernment to weed out anyone and anything that can't/won't aid in my growth as a woman, as a person! I began to realize the negativity in my everyday thought process, how I would dismiss the positive without even thinking about it - it was seriously embedded into my subconscious that nothing good could possibly be happening to me and I guess as a defense mechanism my brain would automatically find the negative before it found me and speak it aloud (inside my brain though, does that make sense?) to form this negative thought that would translate into negative words on the situation which would then lead to negative emotions behind it.  You see, I was ignorant to the power of my thoughts before I realized I even had "powers".  I allowed my brain to think for me when I should have been directing my brains' thoughts. 

Hope I didn't lose you now, lbvs.


But to break it down further, have you ever heard of the Law of Attraction?   If not, check out the link by clicking on the name. To give a brief synopsis, it speaks on how images/sounds that you're exposed to on a regular basis get embedded into your subconscious (the part of the mind you're not aware of but influences your thoughts, feelings and actions) which are then brought forward in correlation with a thought/feeling you experience that may trigger whatever image/sound was associated with that thought/feeling.

*Pause* Let's do a quick recap before continuing; so far we went from stored images/sound in the subconscious - to them being pulled from storage into the fore front of your mind as a thought/feeling.  *Play*

Now we go to your thought/feeling becoming actions - once the thought/feeling is there, as with human nature, we speak on the thought/feeling in the emotional sense that it puts us in.  If the image/sound associated with the once subconscious and now an aware thought/feeling is a negative one, then we will speak negative words while under the influence of that negative emotion from the prior experiences associated with that thought/feeling.  And once we speak those negative vibes, we will receive negative vibes. Thoughts like words are just vibrations - energy - tones and sounds.  I know it sounds cooky, but think about it, when you talk to yourself in your head is it silent?? Hell no [if you say it is, you're lying to yourself] you hear yourself talking to yourself in your head right?!? So yeah, your thoughts are on a vibrational frequency as well as your words, difference being, the thoughts can only vibrate out into the universe whereas your words go to the universe and whoever else is on the same frequency as you at the time.

Ever wonder why you attract the type of people you specifically SAID (and thought repetitively) you did not want to deal with?  When you think and especially when you speak it, you will attract others on the same wave-link, the universe doesn't hear "can't/ don't/ almost/ maybe/ might" it only hears definitive statements. Meaning, if you thought "All men cheat, all the good ones are gay, taken or in jail so I might as well edit my standards list" the universe heard - "All the good men I want will never reach out to me because I believe they are all out of reach, I'm ready to settle, send me the easiest and most comfortable matches."  And then based on all the frequencies you're putting out, the universe will say 'Ok, I see 2M negative vibes coming from them and only 500K positive, I think the statement they just made should match with these people over here since they too have 500K<  positive vibes.  Yeah that's a better match, I will match them to their frequency!"  It's really the same concept as 'what goes around, comes around' - 'you get what you give' - 'treat others how you want to be treated' - 'you reap what you sow' etc.  Why is this the topic on the home page? I wanted to give you an idea of the heavy stuff up front.  If you're anything like me, you hate wasting time! Let me save you the trouble hon, I will be writing about any and every topic that I have an opinion on (and I have a lot of them!)

More in depth, I'll be giving my opinion from the perspective of a strong Afro-ethnic, old-soul, generational wisdom receiver, single mother, mid-west born & raised, got it out the mud, hood but not ratchet, bend but never fold, spirituality over religion and politics, #know your history believer, giver of free game, life lesson teacher,


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